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We are proud to be the exclusive distributor for the Path-Away®  line of botanically based, anti-pathogen products in Latin America.  Our products have proven success across a variety of industries. 

Health Care

Our products have been used internationally to help create a healthier environment inside health care facilities for both  patients and employees. Our patented system reduces the bacterial, virus, and fungal burden in your hospital or clinic in a measurable way - helping to reduce secondary infections and infection related complications. You can breathe easy knowing the environment is being protected by Path-Away® from GC Organic Solutions.  Please see our research section for more information.


From fresh fruit to protecting equine barns GC Organic Solutions, LLC is available to help keep your most valuable assets safe. In agronomy applications, we can help your products have a longer shelf-life.  In livestock, poultry, and equine applications we can help you reduce the pathogen and parasite load in your facility resulting in healthier animals and increased odor control.  The best part - because of the natural, organic formulation of our products, you never need to worry about chemical exposure for your employees.  Please see our research section for more information.


We can help keep your facilities disinfected, saving you money by reducing your losses to molds, rots, or other pathogen related growth. We have extensive proven success in the textile industry helping protect valuable fabric and in shipping applications helping clean and sterilize containers - keeping them pathogen and odor free.  Please see our research section for more information.

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