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Our Product

GC Organic Solutions distributes Path-Away® anti-pathogen solution. Path-Away® is a completely natural, botanically based, organic solution. This proprietary blend is effective against viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi (complete list of tested pathogens available below). Path-Away® has applications across a variety of fields and settings including healthcare infection control, protecting animals, helping plants grow healthier, allowing grains to be stored longer, cleaning shipping containers, and allowing manufacturers to reduce losses. Regardless of what resources you need to protect, we’re here to help you protect them, naturally. 


Mechanism of Action

Path-Away® is able to achieve it's broad spectrum anti-pathogen activity by attacking cells through several different pathways.  The first known mechanism of action is the changing of the cellular membranes resulting in altered cellular respiration by the solution.  This dramatically decreases cells ability to function.  Additionally, there is also a dose dependent inhibition of cellular respiration seen with increasing concentrations of the solution.  The damage to the cell membrane appears to also increase the permeability of the cell furthering cell damage.  However, the most significant mechanism of action is believed to be the alteration in the cellular respiration.  

Determining the exact mechanism of action of any organic compound is a complex task, additional research is ongoing to determine if there are other mechanisms of action that further explain it's effectiveness against such a broad spectrum of organisms.  


If you have further questions regarding the mechanism of action, microbiology, or other technical questions we would be happy to connect you to the developing scientists.  Please contact us for more information.

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